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Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Dr. Joe Straws is extremely passionate about helping and guiding others to become the healthiest version of themselves. He wants to get people moving again! Joe believes in optimizing the human body’s capacity for functional movement. Through intentional assessment, Joe utilizes his experience in exercise biomechanics, sports performance, and athletics to identify strength and mobility deficits to create an individualized plan of care. This leads to improved outcomes for patients to reach their goals. Ultimately, Joe loves nothing more than seeing empowered individuals living the life that they’ve always imagined.


Joe holds a Bachelors degree in Biology/Psychology from Northwest Missouri State where he was a part of their National Championship football program. He received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rockhurst University. While at Rockhurst, Joe earned a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification that allowed him to work with Rockhurst University Athletics in the weight room.


Joe is a Kansas City native through and through. He lives with his lovely wife, Payton, and two dogs in the heart of Waldo. 


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