Head Strength Coach
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

As an endurance runner who actually likes lifting weights, Coach Kaitlin Way is passionate about empowering runners to develop their strength and the self-belief to accomplish their goals. 


She believes sports are a vehicle for becoming our best selves, and she uses her knowledge as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant as well as her experience as a long-time endurance runner and former competitive powerlifter and CrossFit coach to develop well-rounded training plans and strength programs designed to help runners become the athlete and person they envision. 


She also whole-heartedly believes that proper nutrition is integral to developing the health required to be at our best. Kaitlin is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and holds her Precision Nutrition certification and offers personalized nutrition coaching services to help people develop sustainable healthy eating habits and learn how to fuel their bodies for the sports they love.


As a mom of two little boys, Kaitlin is convinced that keeping up with her kids is the ultimate ultramarathon. She enjoys reading, growing food in her garden, and painting in her spare time.