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Becoming Anti-Fragile: How Adopting This Mindset Can Change Helplessness into Hope

Empowered. It’s our name and it’s what we do. We use movement to help people gain confidence in themselves and the amazing things their bodies can do. We help people see the beauty in their body’s design which is to be robust, resilient, and anti-fragile.

We often think of objects, systems, and people as falling into the buckets of being fragile or sturdy. Something that is inherently fragile is meant to be handled with care and kept from exposure to harsh conditions or it will most likely break. Something that is sturdy, on the other hand, does not need to be handled with care. It is inherently strong, well built, and resilient no matter the stresses it is exposed to.

Notice the rigidity of these conditions. Fragile. Sturdy. Weak. Strong.

But that isn’t how we as humans are designed. Humans are built to be anti-fragile.

Anti-fragility is based around the truth that we can and will become stronger and more resilient as more stress is introduced to our body. DO NOT handle with care. An anti-fragile entity thrives and grows stronger when faced with challenges, stress, and volatility.

When we pick up something heavy, our bones, muscles, and joints rebuild themselves stronger than before. When we expose ourselves to new postures, positions, movements, and environments, our body adapts and becomes more robust and resilient than if we had stayed still and “protected”.

But it doesn’t stop there. While being anti-fragile means our bodies continually adapt and become even more resilient, it also means our bodies are meant to consistently be challenged to prevent regression. This is the entire basis of rehabilitation, strength training, and building ourselves up to do hard things in life. Gradual exposure makes us stronger.

And guess what? While we may have small end goals that take the form of a fitness or health achievement, the reality is that we are working toward a distant horizon that is ultimately the pursuit of lifelong health and independence.

This shift in perception is the single most powerful catalyst for change in many of our lives. We work with people every day who walk into our doors feeling helpless having been told by society, their peers, and media that their bodies should look, move, and feel a certain way as well as 1,000 ways they shouldn’t move for fear that they will break in half.

Is this a deep-rooted personal truth for you? Look deep. Ask yourself. “Do I see myself as a strong and capable person with the ability to do anything I set my mind to?” Are you walking through life feeling like you are one step away from a broken bone, pulled muscle, disc herniation?

I am here to tell you that it’s our job (and one we are damn good at) to walk alongside you as you realize not only are you not fragile, you are anti-fragile.

There isn’t a single part of our job we love more than seeing the empowered looks of our clients when they realize that helplessness has turned to HOPE.

What would your life look like if you lived like you were anti-fragile? Whatever it is, let us be a part of that walk with you.

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