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The Ability to Say “Yes”

“Hey! Do you want to go hiking in Arkansas with me this weekend?”

“We should go paddle boarding boarding tomorrow!”

“Are we still on for skiing this winter?”

“Can you make the concert? We’ll have to stand the whole time.”

Being able to say “yes”is a powerful ability to possess. It keeps doors open so that we can continue to enjoy life to the fullest. That is why we want to strive to preserve this ability as long as possible.

Unfortunately, physically demanding activities can give some of us pause. This is especially true as we age. Old hobbies and interests tax our bodies to a higher degree than they used to. There can be hesitation and anxiousness when asked to go on a 3 mile hike when someone only gets 3,000 steps a day.

How do we preserve the ability to say “yes” without hesitation?

Engage in a movement practice regularly.

Ideally, we should be exposed to the many facets of fitness and wellness. Strength, aerobic endurance, power, mobility, and balance to name a few.

We train because we have a passion for finding new ways to express movement. Our encouragement to you is to think about a recent “no” and move until that can become a “yes”.

There is freedom in movement.

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