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The Distant Horizon: The Pursuit of Lifelong Health & Fulfillment

As physical therapists, we often have individuals come to us in active pain that is preventing them from doing the things they love. It is playing a leading role in their life and finds a way to impact their activities, relationships, mental health, energy, etc.

The great news is that we have 100% confidence is ensuring you that “You have come to the right place!” With every client we work with, we determine the source of pain, work to eliminate that pain, then focus developing a long-term solution to keep you out of pain and able to pursue the things you love.

Think about that last part. It is distinctly different from the previous two steps as it is looks forward. Let’s break this future perspective into 2 questions you can ask yourself right now.

  1. What would my life look like if I wasn’t dealing with this issue? Would I run that race? Go on that trip? Have confidence to say “yes” to the things I want to say yes to?

  2. What factors led to this issue in the first place and what will it take to make sure this doesn’t affect me in the future?

That first question is so important. It allows you to dream and imagine what life could look for you. It provides the inner motivation that only you can access. When things are hardest, this is what you draw from to find focus and motivation.

The second question is what we as performance physical therapists are experts in helping you answer! Yes, getting you out of pain is the initial goal, but what happens when we stop here?

When we don’t address the underlying cause, we are bound to fall into a viscous cycle of recurrence of pain and injury. Rehabbing an injury isn’t about doing a set of exercises, feeling better, then moving on with life without a second thought.

Your body is uniquely and beautifully your own. Living actively and aging gracefully is about building long-term resiliency by investing in yourself now and always.

That sound like a big commitment? That’s because it is! But it is the best form of self-care and love you can possibly do for yourself.

Having the tools and support to address issues as they arise is great. Addressing issues before they become problematic is even better!

This is what I love about being a physical therapist. When people make the decision to commit to themselves and take control of their own physical health, they are empowering themselves and saying, “I will be in the driver’s seat of my life.”

Our job as physical therapists is to be your co-pilot. You set the destination. We help guide and direct. We work as a team toward a distant horizon that is ultimately whatever you want it to be.

Physical therapy is for everyone.

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