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A comprehensive strength program for runners that includes everything from mobility and stability to strength and power.

Where could STRENGTH take you?

At Empowered our mission is to educate and empower individuals with the necessary tools to take back control of their bodies and their lives in order to become the best version of themselves without restriction or doubt.

Our Run Empowered program is no different.


The Run Empowered OnBoarding Package Includes:

  • The Run Empowered E-book

    • A valuable guide that explains the benefits of strength training for runners and how what we need differs from bodybuilding, HIIT, CrossFit and more.

  • An 8-week running-specific strength training plan suitable for all levels that includes everything you need to build your runner's body: mobility, stability, strength, power and plyometric training.

  • Access to our online team training platform, Train Heroic.

    • Video demonstrations of each exercise

    • Easily accessible workouts on your phone to track your results 

    • Details on how to progress/modify each movement based on your ability

    • A carefully constructed plan that takes the guesswork out of the gym!

  • Access to a real coach and a community of like-minded runners. You're not just emailed a program or enrolled in an app and expected to fly solo. 

    • Includes weekly group FAQ coaching calls, access to our private team Facebook group, and optional 1:1 calls with your coach.


Upon completion of the 8-week OnBoarding program, you can continue on as a Run Empowered Team Member and receive:

  • Continued access to the most important tools for success:

    • A Plan: Fresh programming every 8 weeks at a membership rate so that you can keep progressing

    • A Coach: Continued access to our private Facebook group, weekly zoom calls, and the optional 1:1 calls. 



Runners who want to level up and conquer their biggest goals by training like the athletes they are.


Runners who have found their "thing" and just want to keep running, having fun and stay strong and healthy!


Young runners who are just getting started on their journey and want to avoid injury as they begin to increase mileage.

We guide you in training like the runner and athlete you want to become, helping you develop the physical and mental strength to run faster, run farther and finish stronger.

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