Are you a committed runner who struggles to implement strength training?


Ready to get consistent, so that you can run farther, run faster, and finish stronger?


You know strength training is important, but ...

When you scroll through Instagram, online articles, and YouTube videos trying to piece together a program, the workouts just feel kind of random and lack a sense of purpose.


You’re limited on time and energy to figure out what to do and when to do it. 


You want to strength train like a runner, not a gym bro, but you aren’t exactly sure how to do it in a way that directly benefits your running. 


You want a strength plan that will help you see progress on your journey to becoming a better runner - not a one-off workout that leaves you feeling crushed for no reason. 


You want to feel strong and fit, but without a plan and a sense of purpose, you strength train inconsistently - if at all.

I've been there

As a long-time runner with a background in both physical therapy and competitive powerlifting, even I struggled to strength train consistently, especially as my mileage increased and my time and energy for strength training decreased. 


I paid the price with a nagging hip injury when I let strength work slide during a build up to an ultramarathon. By neglecting strength, my body wasn’t durable enough to tolerate the stress of training. 


I knew how important strength was, but without a good plan and external accountability, I struggled to make it work.


However, I couldn’t seem to find a good strength program for runners that went beyond mobility and stability without venturing too deep into the land of the gym bros.


I wanted to lift weights in a way that directly benefited my running, but I didn’t want to have to spend hours a day in the gym. 


That’s why I decided to develop a program that focused specifically on the kind of strength training I wanted and needed as a runner - without wasting any precious time and energy.

Where could strength take you?

How might your running improve if you had an effective strength plan that you could follow consistently?


A plan specifically designed for runners that understands how to balance the necessary components of a quality strength program with the time and energy demands of running.


A plan that includes access to a trusted strength coach to help guide you when you have questions and keep you accountable, plus a community of like-minded runners who know that strength training is the key to sustainable progress.


What could that do for your running?



run empowered

Run Empowered is strength coaching for runners. Our mission is to help you find your strength so you can explore your potential.


We offer a comprehensive strength program for runners that includes everything from mobility and stability to strength and power. 


What sets Run Empowered apart is that it’s not only a high-quality strength program, it also includes access to a real, trusted coach and a community of like-minded runners.


We guide you in training like the runner and athlete you want to become, helping you develop the physical and mental strength to run faster, run farther and finish stronger.

just imagine

Your consistent strength training pays off BIG TIME in the form of improved physical durability, strength, speed, and power. 


You feel less worried about potential injuries or getting stuck in a repeated injury cycle and therefore more confident in your weekly mileage.


You develop a stronger, more athletic body that translates into better running form, improved running economy and some killer PRs.


Your new-found physical strength opens the floodgates for increased mental strength and confidence in your ability to crush your running goals!


You possess the kind of physical and mental strength that allows you to stop holding yourself back from reaching your potential.

Go From:

Trying to piece together random strength workouts from the internet that don’t feel as comprehensive or effective as they could

To having a solid plan that directly benefits your running, no matter where you’re starting from

Struggling to strength train consistently, if at all - knowing a little external  accountability could make all the difference

To having a knowledgeable coach and a running-specific plan to maximize your progress and help you become the runner you want to be

Holding yourself back from your biggest running dreams and goals because of fear and self-doubt

To feeling like a strong, capable badass whose physical strength translates into mental strength


run empowereD?

By signing up for Run Empowered, you get:


Access to our running-specific strength program, sent straight to your phone, tablet or laptop that walks you through every strength workout with videos and descriptions of each movement.


Open lines of communication with a real coach to help keep you accountable.


Ability to seek guidance on how to modify, progress or adjust your strength workouts based on your running training and experience level.


Belonging to a community of like-minded runners who want to consistently implement strength training in order to level up their running.


It's like having a running coach and belonging to a running club - but for your strength workouts!