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Embracing the Empowered Way

“I’ve been seeing my physical therapist for years…” Not something you hear every day, huh? In normal situations you may say “wow, you should really find a new therapist…”

Not at Empowered.

I have been seeing most of my clients for no less than 3 years. Why, you ask? I think the better question is why not?

The majority of people who come into the Empowered ecosystem come because they experience pain or dysfunction of some sort. And while the severity of each of these individual’s symptoms or the complexity of their cases varies, those that experience the greatest success have one thing in common: they have embraced the Empowered way.

They understand that the real reason we are “different” is not because we provide 1:1, individualized care, but rather that we give a shit. Not just about helping them return to their prior level of functioning or return to the activities they found themselves avoiding for years, but rather that we care about them about them as individuals. As mothers, as fathers, as significant others, as friends to others, as humans that are living their own life in the body they were given.

We are a Doctors of Physical Therapy. And it is via this platform that we have bee able to empower people through movement. We all truly believe that movement is medicine, and the way in which we move through life is one factor that we can actually control.

This empowerment allows people to not just eliminate a symptom or return to their favorite class at the gym, but rather work to improve their quality of movement and most importantly their views on the power moving well and moving often can have on their mental health. Opening themselves up to this change has led to actual success. The type of success that they want to tell their significant others about, their friends, their families, their coworkers. It is through their stories that we have been able to grow and help others to find and truly feel that same success.

The Empowered community is a place where anyone can succeed, it’s really just a matter of your approach and your ability to be vulnerable in place that not only allows it but encourages it.

So, yea – we’re different. But it’s much more than physical therapy here.

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