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Aging Gracefully: Embracing the Difference Between Aging and Getting “Old”

  1. Determine the Source

  2. Eliminate the Dysfunction

  3. Establish Long-Term Solutions

If you are a part of our community, you have heard this before.

It is our 3-step process and something we very firmly believe in.

You’ll notice step one is to find the source of your pain, of your dysfunction, of your reason for making the call to us in the first place. It is usually during this portion of the evaluation process that the excuses/reasons start flowing.

“Well, it’s because I sit at a desk all day, or it’s because I don’t have an adequate warm-up routine, or I know if I just lost a few pounds, or maybe it’s because I’m getting older.”

Now, listen while all of these reasons may be a contributing factor to why you may be experiencing pain and/or dysfunction the last one is one in which we have a VERY hard time getting on board with.

Society often associates aging with growing old, and it is essential to recognize that the concepts are very far from synonymous.

Aging is an inevitable, lifelong process marked by physical, emotional, and psychological changes, but let’s make one thing very clear – it does not define one's vitality or potential. On the other hand, being old is a state of mind, a set of attitudes and beliefs that can either limit or liberate an individual's life experience.

Please understand that these grey hairs, the wrinkles around my eyes, and the noise my knees now make do not make me old, but rather they indicate a life in which I have lived. The same is true for you.

What is of greater importance is to look at the ones you love and ask yourself am I able to keep up with them? Am I working towards the best version of myself for them?

Now, look at your peers (those with your same chronological age) and ask yourself, am I keeping up with them or am I ahead of them? Do I act as “old” as they do?

The good news here is that if the answers you gave to those questions aren’t what you want them to be, we can help. We help people exactly like you every single day.

Please know that just because you are aging, doesn’t mean you are old.

Instead of blaming your age for why you can’t do something – flip the script – let your age be the reason you CAN and WILL do something.

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