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How to Trust the Process

We keep coming back to the same phrase of “Trust

the Process” – but what does trusting the process actually look like? Here are some of the top pillars in trusting the process from Ben Bergeron.

  1. Define Success. Do you know what you’re aiming at? Ensure you have control over that success by tying it to internal benchmarks.

  2. Be Responsible. Are you responding or reacting? No one and nothing can make you upset without your consent. You control your reactions and your responses to external events.

  3. Come Ready. Do you accept the challenges that you’re inevitably going to face throughout the process? Visualize yourself giving full effort and overcoming said obstacles.

  4. Be Present. Are you where your feet are? Be all there, for efficiency, for yourself, and for your people. If you're going to spend time doing it, do it well.

  5. Stay Consistent. Is the pace you’re going at your maximum effort but something that is sustainable? Aim for full effort over the long haul. No fast burn outs.

  6. Stop Comparing. Giving YOUR full effort means there’s no reason to compare yourself to anyone around you.

  7. Keep Perspective. Can you zoom out? What’s the big picture? Remember your “why”.

  8. Feed Curiosity. Do you settle, or search? There’s always more to learn and we never know all the answers.

These are key to “trusting the process”. The most important part of each is that these are in your full control aka no one can interfere or nothing can obstruct the ability to do these. Take ownership of yourself, your goals, and your life.

Which one is the toughest for you? Which one immediately triggers you? Work on that one.

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