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Master the Basics

Stop believing the fancy stuff you read about everyone doing on the internet to lose weight, to fix your back pain, to improve your strength overnight, or to learn to string together 5 ring muscle ups before you can do 5 strict pullups.

The truth? You don’t need to do anything “fancy” to get the results you want – whatever this might mean for you personally.

Most people (even admittedly sometimes Alli, Joe, and I) want to see success overnight and believe that a solution can be delivered in some clean, linear, slick Instagram post or online program. All of these “solutions” are quick fix ploys that offer little to no sustainability over time.

For example: (Hot Take Coming)…..We hate single leg RDLs (most of the time). We were discussing our disdain with seeing people attempt to do single leg RDLs at the gym or online the other day. This is a relatively “sexy” exercise that actually takes a super high level amount of foot and hip stability to do and to do WELL. This exercise is not appropriate for most people, as they compensate all over the place for lack of stability, use the wrong muscles, and in some cases cause more harm than good. People do them because everyone on Instagram does them and they look cool. There are a billion other ways we could target the intended stimulus of this exercise and actually strengthen and stabilize the right muscle groups.

Can you do a standard double leg RDL appropriately? How about a stagger stance RDL? Rear foot elevated RDL? These “basics” are less “sexy” but will actually be much more effective if done correctly.

The same can be said for almost any change you want to make in your life. None of it will be something packaged into a strict 4 week program juice cleanse, nor does it need to be.

Nothing will ever beat doing the basics and doing them well. Consistently.

Key word consistently. Staying committed over time to the basic rehab exercises, foundational movements (squat/deadlift/push/pull), and fueling your body with nutrient dense foods will get you further than anything if you stick with it.

You do NOT need a secret, fancy program to get you there. You need to trust the process.

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