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So You Set a Big Goal For 2023...

How are you going to achieve it? We know most people set BIG goals and then as soon as February hits, they lose steam and eventually fall off.

How do we break this mold?

First, you have to dig deeper. WHY do you want to achieve this goal? Seriously reflect on this. Understanding your why behind anything you do is more important than you think. Write down why it’s important to you to achieve this goal. If your answer is “to look better” – dig deeper. Maybe your actual “why” is because you want to be able to ski with your grandkids in 10 years and enjoy being part of their active lives. Maybe your actual “why” is to set a good example for your kids so they can be healthy, good humans.

Next, surround yourself with people with similar goals. 1) Surrounding yourself with like-minded people makes the “new way” become the norm. 2) It’s much easier to accomplish something with a team or a group of people to hold you accountable, or for you to hold them accountable. It becomes bigger than just yourself. 3) It’s more enjoyable!

Finally, be okay with straying from the path. Progress is NOT perfect and it is NOT a straight line. Little bits consistently over 6 months is better than “perfectly executed” for 2 weeks only before crashing and throwing in the towel all together.

Trust the process. Enjoy the process. And never forget your “Why”.

We’re here to help. If consistency is something you struggle with, reach out. Our schedules are filling up, but there’s still time to start 2023 off on the right foot.

Invest in yourself and your body. You only get one.

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