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Underprepared not Overused

We’re wrapping up the CrossFit Open season and are getting into running season. CrossFitters are likely finding new aches and pains with pushing their bodies to the limit, and runners will soon be ramping up their mileage thus increasing the demands on their bodies.

Some might chalk some of these injuries along the way as “over-use” injuries.

“I have pain in my knee from overuse. I’ll just rest it and let it calm down before I start back up again.”

This mindset leads to a pain cycle and never really solves the issue. If you don’t change a variable, you’re going to get the same result every time. Our bodies are extremely smart and give off pain signals for a reason. If your knee (or whatever body part) is giving you a pain signal – it’s a warning sign to change something. It’s telling you it’s not prepared for the amount of stress you’re placing on it.

That’s not to say that our bodies are weak and can’t take strain. They absolutely can and will, but they must be prepared for the task at hand. Our bodies adapt over time. So if you haven’t been running more than 5 miles in the last 6 months, don’t expect to run 5 miles on your first day out and then 10 the next day.

Build the foundation, strengthen the appropriate tissues, and be smart about your ramp up period.

Injuries are not prevented by foam rolling and doing 2 exercises. Injuries are more likely to be avoided by laying the ground work and becoming more prepared for the demands you’re placing on your body.

As always, trust the process.

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