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Use It or Lose It

If you want to say independent, physically capable, and functional as you age.. don’t lose the ability to do these movements:

-Getting up from the toilet without assistance

-Going up/down stairs without the use of rails

-Picking up things around the house (without “throwing your back out”)

-Getting up and down off the floor without assistance

-Reaching into cabinets, overhead bins, etc

Most of you will look at this list and think, okay, but this doesn’t apply to me.


Think about your parents…and your grandparents. How well are they doing these things? Are they at home living independently? Do they need assistance? Are they living in a care facility?

Just like building muscle mass and storing bone mass density is the most important in your 20’s and 30’s, maintaining the ability to do the aforementioned movements is crucial in your 50’s and 60’s.

Many fall into this exact cycle:

“Deadlifts and RDLs hurt my back, so I stopped doing them”

So they take out said movement. Guess what gets harder? Helping a friend move a couch.. then picking up a heavy box.. then picking up a grandkid. Eventually even the simple task of bending over hurts.

The same could be said for any movement on the above list. The inability to do these things has a direct correlation to how long people live at home independently, and it ultimately affects the quality of their life.

Having difficulty or pain with doing some of these things are warning signs of losing function. Don’t ignore them.

Picture your life 10 years from now. Now picture it 20 years from now. What does it look like?

Now, how do you ensure it looks like this? Start today.

Lucky for you all, we're pretty darn good at addressing these things 😉

Move Well. Move Often.

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